Smart Gate Openers


Mighty Mule’s new line of smart gate openers are smart, smooth and simple! We’ve added smartphone control, faster open and close speeds and many other features to our lineup of easy-to-install gate openers. Available online today at your favorite retailers!

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Transcript: Introducing Mighty Mule's Smart Gate Openers for smart control and monitoring of your gate from anywhere with our wireless connectivity system and mobile app. Controlling Gates up to a half-mile from the house. Our new gate openers are 40% faster than previous models and quieter than ever. Mighty Mule fits your budget and supports all kinds of gates, single or dual tube, wood or steel, light, medium or heavy-duty. Designed for do-it-yourself. Ease with how-to videos, clear instructions, and phone support. Mighty Mule Gate Openers, online today.

Rick Woodruff
5 months agoOctober 10, 2019
The add makes it look like there is real time monitoring of gate condition this is not the case you can add your own static photo of your gate and it will not move or fill the entire screen area as the promotion shows. why try to fool folks?
5 months agoOctober 10, 2019
Hi Rick! 

All of the videos of the gates moving are real-life demonstrations of the smart gate openers in action. 9 seconds in you can see the app which does show the static image you are referring to.
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