2GIG Smart Areas


2GIG Smart Areas represents a new approach to partitioning, addressing the pain points of installers and end users with a new way of setting up and using partitions. With 2GIG Smart Areas, the GC3 becomes the first all-in-one wireless security panel in the market to enable partitioning without requiring add-on modules.

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Bridget Bogner, LDA Security, LLC
11 months agoMarch 26, 2019
We use 2GIG at our business. It has been a great asset, especially recently. We rented out a section of building to a gunsmith, and wanted him to be able to secure his area when he comes and goes. The 2GIG GC3 made this possible, as well as, easy. Adding the smart area was a snap, and now all of his equipment and guns are secured at all times. His hours vary from ours making this system a necessary element of our security setup.
gonzalo alonso
9 months agoMay 29, 2019
I want to know how i create account with you to monitorinall my account in my dealers because i want to cancel telguard
or 786 367 5227
9 months agoMay 29, 2019
Hi Gonzalo! 

To become a Dealer you will need to complete the form at this link - https://2gig.com/dealers/dealer-registration/

It will then be entered into our review process.
liked it..send me more details
8 months agoJuly 6, 2019
Send details ..price etc on aamir.pisces0@gmail.com
8 months agoJuly 8, 2019
So glad you like it! Purchase the GC3 panel from a dealer near you: https://www.nortekcontrol.com/sales/dealer-locator/
3 months agoDecember 12, 2019
I love it!!
2 months agoDecember 23, 2019

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